The Quanterion Reliability Online Automated Databook System (ROADS) is a subscription service that provides customized access to any or all of the Quanterion Databooks:
  • Nonelectronic Parts Reliability Data (NPRD)
  • Electronic Parts Reliability Data (EPRD)
  • Failure Modes / Mechanisms Distribution (FMD)
Individual subscriptions can be purchased for 1-year intervals, and Corporate Site or Enterprise subscriptions are also available. The ROADS databases will be updated periodically (as new data warrants) and configuration controlled, so that the presented data is always traceable to a specific version of ROADS.

Pricing options vary, depending on the type and length of the ROADS subscription. For specific information regarding prices, please click here.

ROADS is compatible with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8+, Mozilla Firefox v3.5+, Safari v3.2+, Chrome v2.0+